This Week in History

Disbanded Soldiers Offered Land in the Canadas

On June 9, 1815, General Orders are issued by the British military establishing regulations for granting land in the Canadas to disbanded soldiers of the War of 1812. Presented by Lieutenant Colonel John Harvey, Deputy Adjutant-General of Forces in the Canadas, these Orders implement the Prince Regent’s declaration of December 6, 1814. Amongst other conditions,…

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Limited Passage

In early March 1815, Lord Bathurst, having issued his Edinburgh Proclamation inviting Scottish (and later Irish) emigrants to Canada, becomes concerned that the number will exceed expectations.  By then, applications had already reached 500 in Edinburgh and 200 in Glasgow.  On March 24th, 1815, Bathurst decrees that “the persons to be provided with passages from…

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The Edinburgh Proclamation

During this week in 1815, an unprecedented offer was made to the residents of Edinburgh and other areas of Scotland and Ireland, of free transportation to British North America, and 100 acres of land for each mature male. On February 22, 1815, a now-famous proclamation declaring this – the Edinburgh Proclamation – was issued by…

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