Taking mapping to a whole new
– or old – level

One 200th Anniversary project is aiming to build a lasting online legacy. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of CGIS Spatial Solutions of Perth and a dedicated group of citizens, a digital historical mapping project for the Perth Military Settlement is taking shape. The map will show the original lot boundaries for Perth, Drummond/North Elmsley, Tay Valley and Beckwith that were granted to European arrivals and disbanded soldiers from the War of 1812, along with various types of land grants (e.g. military, settler, clergy, Crown) and information about the original settlers, such as where they were from, how many were in their families and more. Digital mapping will help to tell the story of the Perth Military Settlement by resurrecting the original maps of the survey done in 1815. It will show the settlement of the soldiers and settlers by individual lot and concession and their stories, complete with links to interviews and photos when available. The data is collected and converted to a digital format, then processed and hosted by CGIS. This treasure trove of information will be made available to the public online for family and historical research, as well as for genealogical tourism.


Click here to view an Interactive map of Tay Valley Township.

1816 Perth Brockville Routes
Champlain Sea Routes