Disbanded Soldiers Offered Land in the Canadas

On June 9, 1815, General Orders are issued by the British military establishing regulations for granting land in the Canadas to disbanded soldiers of the War of 1812. Presented by Lieutenant Colonel John Harvey, Deputy Adjutant-General of Forces in the Canadas, these Orders implement the Prince Regent’s declaration of December 6, 1814.

Amongst other conditions, the military Orders establish the amount of land to be granted by rank; a Lt. Colonel to receive 1,200 acres, Major 1,000, Captain 800, Subaltern 500, ‘Sergeant Major & Quarter Master Sergeant’, 300, ‘Sergeant’, 200, Privates 100.”  As required for civilian recipients, soldiers must settle, and reside on, the land for three years – a challenge that proved difficult for some of the more transient military.