The Settlers Trail

They crossed an ocean and then, often, the first immigrants had to cross hundreds of miles overland in order to reach their new homes (which they then had to build, of course). Some of the trails they took eventually became main roads connecting communities and, in some places, were among the earliest-settled areas in the townships. Drummond/North Elmsley and Tay Valley Township (and possibly some others) are working together to recognize some of these routes, including the Rideau Ferry Road and the Scotch Line. Descriptive signage and banners are part of the plan to recognize the “Settlers Trail” as part of a broader heritage road network that includes Gore Street in Perth and the Franktown Road in Beckwith Township – all part of the Perth Military Settlement that marks 200 years in 2016. There’s a tie in to the Perth Kilt Run Weekend, too, which is expanding to include parts of the Settlers Trail.

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